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Mothering for the Motherless
Three More Life Lessons for Young Mothers
Life Lessons for Young Mothers


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My Blogs have moved:

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Mothering for the Motherless

If you and your mom are close, your relationship will no doubt take on a new dimension as you have children.  You can go to her for advice or an alternative point of view. You can find validation of the job you are doing-- in her words, and in her eyes.  You can grow to understand her better, understand your own childhood better, as you work through your own years-to-come as a young mother.
But what ifyou don’t have a mother?  What if she has passed away?  What if she has stepped permanently out of your life for whatever reason?

Three More Life Lessons for Young Mothers

Last month I wrote a blog post forBreastfeed Chicago.  The title was “Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Mothers.”  Writing that article brought me in touch with some of the things I had learned but had never thought to express.  My years of focusing totally on being a mother, following what we then called “La Leche League philosophy,”  was really a meditative, spiritual path. As I reflect now on what I wrote, I realize there was more.  Thus, I send you this month:  three more lessons.

Life Lessons for Young Mothers

This blog post was originally published in Breastfeed Chicago, in April of 2013.
Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Moms
As a former La Leche League Leader, with five children who are now ages16 – 30 years old,  I would like to sharewith you breastfeeding mothers a few simple things I have been able to figureout so far on my journey, and I think I can break them down into three simplerules to live by:
1.   Honor yourself as you honor others.

Advice for Young Mothers

I work with parenting challenges and postpartum depression..The online magazine Breastfeed Chicago has a blog post I wrote:  http://breastfeedchicago.wordpress.com/  Click on the link to read the article.

New Moms Who Struggle

On the subject of struggling moms, I have written an article which you can read by clicking on this link:  http://theattachedfamily.com/?p=3604#more-3604
Joy Davy is a counselor who helps new moms struggling with postpartum depression.The publication is The Attached Family, and my article concerns perinatal mood disorders--in other words, postpartum depression and other maladies that can occur during pregnancy or after childbirth.  Attachment Parenting is a great organization.  Please check out the article!  Thanks!
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