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Dr. Jules: The Therapist Is In.
Mothering for the Motherless
Three More Life Lessons for Young Mothers
Life Lessons for Young Mothers


Human-Animal Healing
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Human-Animal Healing

My Blogs have moved:

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Pet Love and Pet Grief
Living in Flow
The Mothers’ Mentor

Dr. Jules: The Therapist Is In.

Canine therapy has been shown to be very effective.
Dr. Jules:  “The Therapist Is In.”
By Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC
Joy Davy is a therapist in Hinsdale.  Website: www.joydavy.com
Jules was elderly,blind, homeless, and grieving the death of the one person who had lovedhim.  And then, his luck changed.  He re-invented himself.  He found his passion.  He is now on a Path with Purpose. Jules is a rescue dog, a blind “senior” poodle, who has found a late life career as myco-therapist. 
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