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Dr. Jules: The Therapist Is In.
Mothering for the Motherless
Three More Life Lessons for Young Mothers
Life Lessons for Young Mothers


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My Blogs have moved:

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Dr. Jules: The Therapist Is In.

Canine therapy has been shown to be very effective.
Dr. Jules:  “The Therapist Is In.”
By Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC
Joy Davy is a therapist in Hinsdale.  Website: www.joydavy.com
Jules was elderly,blind, homeless, and grieving the death of the one person who had lovedhim.  And then, his luck changed.  He re-invented himself.  He found his passion.  He is now on a Path with Purpose. Jules is a rescue dog, a blind “senior” poodle, who has found a late life career as myco-therapist. 

Mothering for the Motherless

If you and your mom are close, your relationship will no doubt take on a new dimension as you have children.  You can go to her for advice or an alternative point of view. You can find validation of the job you are doing-- in her words, and in her eyes.  You can grow to understand her better, understand your own childhood better, as you work through your own years-to-come as a young mother.
But what ifyou don’t have a mother?  What if she has passed away?  What if she has stepped permanently out of your life for whatever reason?

Three More Life Lessons for Young Mothers

Last month I wrote a blog post forBreastfeed Chicago.  The title was “Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Mothers.”  Writing that article brought me in touch with some of the things I had learned but had never thought to express.  My years of focusing totally on being a mother, following what we then called “La Leche League philosophy,”  was really a meditative, spiritual path. As I reflect now on what I wrote, I realize there was more.  Thus, I send you this month:  three more lessons.

Life Lessons for Young Mothers

This blog post was originally published in Breastfeed Chicago, in April of 2013.
Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Moms
As a former La Leche League Leader, with five children who are now ages16 – 30 years old,  I would like to sharewith you breastfeeding mothers a few simple things I have been able to figureout so far on my journey, and I think I can break them down into three simplerules to live by:
1.   Honor yourself as you honor others.

19 Suggestions to Help You ReleaseStress: Choose Peace

1.       Choose people and environments that make you feel good.
2.      Let yourself have a good hearty laugh.  Enjoy a funny movie or videoclip; let yourself see the humor in some situation today.
3.      Put your Inner Critic in a time-out.  Even visualize sending him/herpacking for a little vacation.  Give your Inner Mentor a chance to work with you.
4.      Give yourself encouragement for each completed task.

Advice for Young Mothers

I work with parenting challenges and postpartum depression..The online magazine Breastfeed Chicago has a blog post I wrote:  http://breastfeedchicago.wordpress.com/  Click on the link to read the article.

Pet Grief Group

counseling for pet grief in HinsdaleLast week I visited a pet grief group in the area, at the Chicago Veterinary Association, at 100 Tower Drive, Burr Ridge.  The meeting is monthly, and is run by a psychologist (Dr. Linda Harper, PhD) and a veterinarian.
In working through grief, it is important for you to be able to express your feelings freely, without being corrected or judged by others.  So often, the people who love you--just want you to feel better, and that's why they try to talk you out of your feelings for your deceased animal companion, with well-meaning comments such as "You can just get another one," and "It was just an animal, you know,"--words that hurt far more than they help.

New Moms Who Struggle

On the subject of struggling moms, I have written an article which you can read by clicking on this link:  http://theattachedfamily.com/?p=3604#more-3604
Joy Davy is a counselor who helps new moms struggling with postpartum depression.The publication is The Attached Family, and my article concerns perinatal mood disorders--in other words, postpartum depression and other maladies that can occur during pregnancy or after childbirth.  Attachment Parenting is a great organization.  Please check out the article!  Thanks!

Noticing Green Lights

What is it that you most want to experience in your life now?  Hold that lightly, while feeling gratitude for all that you have right now.  Begin to notice all the green lights, figuratively and literally.  Just to be here is such a gift.
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