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Social Phobia
Hope for social phobia
Social Phobia (also known as Social Anxiety) is a devastating and yet very treatable disorder.
People who have social phobia are fearful and extremely uncomfortable in social situations; they are easily embarrassed and live in terror of being humiliated in public. 
Social phobia is generally rooted in deep feelings of shame, which have become what we call "cognitive distortions"--in other words--thoughts that are false and destructive.
In therapy, we will work to gently dislodge these false cognitions and replace them with thoughts that are true and strengthening.  I provide a safe, non-judgmental space for you to heal from shame, and move forward into your true self.
Change is scary for many people.  I like this quote that is ascribed to Joseph Campbell:  "The safe route is never the safe route." 
Call or email me, so we can discuss how I can help you learn to be more comfortable in your life and to replace the old patterns.  Your life is waiting for you!
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