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Pet Loss
Grief for a beloved animal companion is a painful experience that I understand and take seriously.  Our animal friends accompany us through important passages of our lives, always giving us the very best of themselves.  They teach us how to be in the moment, and how to love without reserve.
pet therapy with Dr. Jules 

As their human caretakers, we feel responsible for their wellness.  The grief we experience at the loss of such a trusting friend can be very deep indeed.  The pain may feel very lonely when others try to discount the loss, but the mourner knows it is real and that it deserves to be acknowledged and felt.

You may want individual therapy to have the opportunity to work in a concentrated way on experiencing and releasing your grief.  If you are having a hard time "moving on" after the death of your pet, I understand, and will help you work through your grief.  Your companion animal was an important part of your life, an irreplaceable friend. 

What you feel in your heart is wise and never foolish or wrong.  How can it be wrong to feel great sorrow at the death of a friend who always gave you one hundred percent?  Your heart can heal.  Your grief needs to have its say.  Please call or email me:  [email protected]

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