HInsdale Counselor - Payment - Hinsdale, IL
Therapy is an investment in yourself.
Self-Pay is an option that many of my clients choose.  It means that you pay the agreed-upon fee, and no insurance is involved. The fee for a 55-minute session is $150.00.
Out-of-Network is another option, one that is for those who would like to use their insurance, but do not have BCBS PPO.  If you would like to use this option, it would be your responsibility to call your insurance company (the phone number on the card), and ask them if you have out-of-network mental health benefits, and to find out for your own information what those benefits are. 
 My responsibility would be to provide you with a "superbill" at the end of every session.  You would then submit that superbill to your insurance company, and they would reimburse you according to your plan.  I would not have any contact with your insurance company.  However, there would be a mental health diagnosis on the superbill, as without that, insurance would not pay for the sessions.
Life Coaching is not covered by any insurance.
The fee  or co-pay is due at the beginning of each session. At this time, I do not process credit cards.  I accept cash or check.


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