HInsdale Counselor - My Canine Co-Therapist - Hinsdale, IL
My Canine Co-Therapist

Callie is a rescue dog, adopted at the age of 6 years old, and happy to welcome people to therapy, and then to fall asleep next to them as we talk.  She has excellent listening skills, and exerts a calming influence wherever she goes. 

Dr. Jules, my part-time co-therapist:  elderly, wise, and warm-hearted.
Dr. Jules, My First Canine Co-Therapist

Dr. Jules' Bio:  When Jules' elderly owner passed away, he found himself without a home.  He was brought to a wonderful animal rescue based in Woodridge:   Cry for Help.  I met him there when he was blind and guessed to be about 10 years old, and the rest is history. Jules found his calling late in life, as he became my first canine co-therapist.  He passed away in May, 2015.  

There is a healing circle between animals and people.  As we care for them, they care for us.  As they heal us, we heal them.
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