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Healing Circles

Healing Circles:  Grieving, Healing, and Bonding with Our Animal Companions, is a guide for those grieving the loss of a cherished pet, as well as a celebration of the healing bond between people and their animals.  This book contains practical suggestions for working through pet grief, along with accounts of how other people have experienced loss and healing.

Healing Circles gives reassurance and comfort, and offers the words to teach others to respect your loss.  You will find a guided imagery for re-connecting with your pet and some ideas for memorializing the bond.  You will find an exploration of how children and your other pets may experience grief, and how to help them, and a discussion of when to consider bringing another animal companion home, and how to create a loving bond with that pet.  Throughout this book, you will see examples of how animals heal us, and how we heal them, as well.

Healing Circles is an indispensable guide for every animal lover.

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