HInsdale Counselor - Anxiety - Hinsdale, IL

There are many forms of anxiety.
Everyone has a certain level of anxiety, and that is good.  Adaptive anxiety helps us to take care of our responsibilities, reminds us to study for tests, observe safety precautions, etc. 
However, when anxiety is making a person miserable, and interfering with his or her relationships, work and general happiness, then therapy is in order.  Anxiety can lead to depression if untreated, because it is so uncomfortable and debilitating. 

Healing anxiety....  Peace!
How do you know if you have anxiety?
Your therapist will ask you questions to determine if you have anxiety.  People with anxiety may:  feel restless or on edge, be easily fatigued,  have difficulty concentrating or find that their minds go blank,  feel irritability, muscle tension and have difficulty falling or staying asleep.
The good news is that anxiety is very treatable. There is no reason to suffer with these symptoms. Call for an appointment. If you do have  anxiety, together you and I  can create a plan for treating it.
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