Many teens suffer from depression
I see lots of teens!

Adolescence is  fascinating: full of roller coaster emotions and new ideas, exuberance and despair, the discovery of identity and the forging of personal values....
It's an important time of life.
The teenage brain undergoes many very rapid changes, and patterns of thought and behavior become hardwired at this time as "pruning" occurs, cutting away the connections that are no longer being used and as new neuropathways are created to support how the brain is being used most of the time.  This is why the teenage years are a time of enormous opportunity.  Development as it occurs now can create changes in the brain that will be lifelong.  It is important to set patterns that are healthy and positive, that will lead to well-being in the years ahead.
Teens come into therapy for many of the same reasons adults do--including:  depression, anxiety, social phobia, low self esteem, self-injury, family conflict, and grief. 
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If you are a teen and come to see me, you will find yourself in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can work on making things more the way you want them to be.
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