Are you in a relationship with someone (mother, father or partner) who is a narcissist? 

This is very challenging.

The narcissist is unable to love unconditionally.

The narcissist makes everything about her.

Worst of all, the narcissist is lacking in empathy for anyone.

She is able to put on a "show" to protect her own image.

She uses manipulation to control everyone around her.

The narcissistic person exploits others for her own benefit.

And only those closest to her know this side of her.

She presents a completely different face to all the rest of the world.

 You might hear all the time how lucky you are to have such a person in your life.

If you suspect that this may describe your relationship, let's talk. You can learn to create boundaries that are more comfortable for you, and learn ways of dealing with the narcissist so that you have your life back.

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